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Add More Heads or Tails!

Spin the Wheel to Flip the Coin

This is an innovative coin flip designed in a wheel form. The effect and result are similar to that of an actual coin flip, though the appearance is that of a spinning wheel.

You can visit the "actual" coin flip simulator website here. Click Here and Click Here.

To spin the wheel, click on any part of the wheel.

You will notice that 50% of the wheel is covered by either Heads or Tails. To increase the excitement and probability, you may add more heads or tail segments. Follow this navigation

In the Table --> "Add Heads Segment" or "Add Tails Segment"  or You can add a pair of Head and Tail by clicking on "Add Heads - Tails".

Coin Flip Wheel

You can delete the "newly" added heads or tail segments also. However, the default segments will not be deleted.

To delete even the default segments, click on "Delete All/Clear Cache". Then click on "Add Heads Segments"  or "Add Tails Segment" etc.

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SpinWheelofNames.com is a free site that helps you to decide on some tricky choices, play games, etc with the help of a Spinning Wheel.

FAQ, How to

i. You can change the background color. Very interesting feature. You must try this.

ii. You can change the speed of rotation of the wheel. Please note that the duration of rotation will not change, only the speed will change.

iii. Coin Image: You can change the Coin image shown in the middle of the wheel. Navigation as below 

    Top Bar --> Setting --> Select Coin.


Hope you will enjoy this coin flip wheel. Any suggestions are welcome.

Coin Wheel
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