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Add Letters of Your Choice!

Spin the Wheel of Letters (A to Z Wheel)to Decide

The Random Letter Generator wheel will generate a random letter Alphabet letter between A to Z or as per your selection.

 Often time, we struggle to decide the starting letter for a character or pet or any name. Spinning the wheel will help you to select a letter.

  The master wheel is here. Original Spinner Wheel. Which can make any wheel. This is a customized version of it which is specifically made to show random letters.

Letter Generator Wheel

  You can add letters of your choice also. In fact, you can enter letters in many languages. Most are supported. 

 Please note.

 1. If you enter your own custom letter "BEFORE" clicking any other "Add" button, the default letters that appear when the page opens will be deleted and only the letter you have entered will be shown. 

 2. If you enter your own custom letter "AFTER" you have clicked any other "Add" button, then other letters "WILL NOT" be deleted.

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SpinWheelofNames.com is a free site that helps you to decide on some tricky choices, play games, etc with the help of a Spinning Wheel.

FAQ, How to

  Yes. From the settings at Top Bar -->  Background color. 

  You should try that. It will change the complete color of the page.

Yes. From the settings at Top Bar -->  Speed. 

 It has three speeds. High, Medium, and Low. Default is Medium.  The duration of rotation is the same for all. Only the rotation speed is different. Hence, the Wheel will spin more at high speed.

Except for a few uses like betting which involves a financial transaction, you can use it anywhere. For example

i. You want to name your pets or shop or venture and want to come up with starting letter.

ii. You to help your kids in school to pronounce the letter that the wheel is showing randomly.

iii. Children can practice vowels or consonants.

iv. Roman numerals could also be practiced in class.

v. Divide the class into teams using random letters of their name's starting letter.

The sky is the limit !!!

Random Letter Generator
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