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Spin the Wheel of Options to Decide

 Yes-No-Wheel is here to ease the stress of making simple Yes-No decisions, digitally. It's a specific custom variance of the Original Wheel of names

Often we have to make some quick decisions on whether to go for it or not. Both Yes and No looks like a tangible choice. Pros and cons look similar or rather confusing. Not sure how the future events will turn out.

Then, you should use this wheel to give some random Yes/No. 

Under the hood, this tool uses advanced javascript code to arrive at a totally random outcomes. 

Please note that you should not take important decisions in life randomly. :) Write down all the advantages and disadvantages you can think of all the options. Then circle the points which are most crucial. Among them check which on so many crucial factors that you "must" consider its weight higher than all other options.

For daily, trivial questions, enjoy this Wheel.

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SpinWheelofNames.com is a free site that helps you to decide on some tricky choices, play games, etc with the help of a Spinning Wheel.

FAQ, How to

i. Should I go to the party?

ii. Should I say Yes to him/her?

iii. Should I go to the hills for vacation?

iv. Should I go shopping today?

v. Should I eat Carrot or beetroot?

vi. Should I wear jeans?

the list is endless ...

Yes No Wheel

By default, there will be 8 Yes and NO. 4 yes. 4 No.

You can click on the "Add yes" button to add one more "Yes".

Please click on "Add No" to add one more "No".

Please click on "Add Yes-No" to add a pair of one Yes and one No.

Add More Yes Or No

If you click on the "Delete All/Clear Cache" button. All the segments o the wheel will be deleted.

Now, please click on "Add Yes", "Add No"  or "Add Yes-No"  to add the desired number of Yes/No.


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You can choose from 10 color gradients provided there.

Yes. Fullscreen is possible.

From Top Bar --> Full Screen.

In fullscreen, there won't be any ads, probably.

Yes No Wheel

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