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Add Your Predictions!

Spin the Magic-8 Wheel

We all know the famous Magic-8-ball. Here, it's a Magic Wheel inspired by it.

Are you worried about something and unable to come out of it? Maybe you are thinking too much about it. Try this 

Magic-28-ball. The outcome of rotation is totally random. Leave it to the Universe to decide the answer to your question.

1. Think of the question you have in your mind.

2. Spin the Magic-28-ball.

It will show some predictions. You can try multiple times also.

Magic 8 Wheel

For ages, people have tried various methods to peek into the future or to know the "under the hood" truth. This is one of them.

Please note that it's all RANDOM outcome and in no way does it know what is inside your mind. So, the answer is also random. Don't take important decisions in your life on its basis. This tool is only for fun and entertainment.

To Spin the wheel, click anywhere on it.

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SpinWheelofNames.com is a free site that helps you to decide on some tricky choices, play games, etc with the help of a Spinning Wheel.

FAQ, How to

Yes, Of course.

Please add your prediction to this wheel and SPIN it. Click here. Spin The Wheel.

Magic 8 Wheels


i. You can change the rotation speed of the wheel. Please note the duration of rotation of the wheel will not change. Only the speed will change. 


Top Bar --> Settings --> Speed

ii. You can change the background color of the page to suit your mood.

Top Bar --> Settings --> Background Color

If you have any suggestions to improve it further, please let us know. We will love to do so.

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