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Add More Heads or Tails!

Spin the Wheel to Roll the Dice

Here you can simulate the Dice Rolling in the form of a wheel. It is quite an interesting adaptation.

 There are 6 segments of the wheel each with numbers 1,2,3,4,5 and 6. 

 The result of the rotation of totally random, just like the rolling of a Dice.

 In fact, you can do more here. You can add more segments of each number on the wheel, thereby increasing their chances of winning.

 You can spin the wheel by clicking on any part of the wheel.

If you want to play the Dice game in the "actual" Dice Simulator, please visit here.Click Here

If you want to add more than 6 numbers, simply enter the number in the wheel here. Click Here

Dice Wheel

This Dice Roll wheel can be used in schools or for any educational purpose to decide the next speaker, winner, leader, etc.

For a family gathering also, you can use it to play Dice games. 

Gambling or any short of betting involving financial traction is not allowed here.

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SpinWheelofNames.com is a free site that helps you to decide on some tricky choices, play games, etc with the help of a Spinning Wheel.


i. You can change the rotation speed of the wheel. Please note the duration of rotation of the wheel will not change. Only the speed will change. 


Top Bar --> Settings --> Speed

ii. You can change the background color of the page to suit your mood.

Top Bar --> Settings --> Background Color

Coin Wheel
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